Universal’s Reorganization Continues as Interscope-Capitol Announces New Leadership Teams 

As part of Universal Music Group’s massive reorganization, Interscope Geffen A&M, a division of the recently formed Interscope Capitol Labels Group, has promoted or named 13 executives to key positions across its pop/rock and urban arms.

Concurrently, Interscope Capitol Labels Group has promoted or named another 13 executives to key positions and leadership roles. Both announcements were made by ICLG chief John Janick.

Leading IGA’s Pop/Rock arm are Michelle An, President of IGA and Head of Creative Strategy, and Sam Riback, President of IGA and Head of Pop/Rock A&R.  Filling out the Pop/Rock team are: Matt Morris, Executive Vice President of Pop/Rock A&R; Chris Mortimer and Kirsten Stubbs, each Co-Head of Pop/Rock Digital; Adrian Amodeo, Senior Vice President of Pop/Rock Marketing; Chelsea Dodson, Vice President of Pop/Rock Visual Creative.

IGA’s Urban arm is headed by Nicole Wyskoarko, President of IGA and Head of Urban A&R, and Laura Carter, Executive Vice President and Head of Urban Marketing.  Urban’s senior leadership team includes Aaron “Dash” Sherrod, President of Geffen Records Urban A&R and Ramon Alvarez-Smikle Executive Vice President and Head of Urban Digital.  It’s supporting team includes Lola Plaku, Senior Vice President of Urban Marketing & Strategy; Andrew Ibea, Senior Vice President of Visual Creative and Head of Urban Creative.

As for ICLG, reporting to vice chairman Steve Berman are Bill Evans, Executive Vice President of Urban Promotion; Ambrosia Healy, Executive Vice President and Head of Media; Dave Nieman, Senior Vice President of Sports & Gaming; Daniel Sena, Executive Vice President and Head of Strategic Marketing & Brands; Jenny Swiatowy, Senior Vice President of Creative Sync Licensing.

Gary Kelly, ICLG Chief Revenue Officer and General Manager will oversee areas and executives that include Gretchen Anderson, Senior Vice President of Production; Nicole Csabai, Senior Vice President of Revenue; Jurgen Grebner, Executive Vice President of International Marketing; Wayne Laakko, Vice President and Head off Analytics; Greg Marella, President of Promotion and Executive Vice President of ICLG; Xavier Ramos, Executive Vice President of D2C Strategy.

Reporting to ICLG Chief Operating Officer Annie Lee is the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Geoff Harris, who will in turn oversee Steve Cook, Vice President of A&R Administration and Kim Valderas, Vice President of Artist Relations. Lee is also charged with overseeing Operations, Business Development and Company Culture.


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