‘Succession’ Stars James Cromwell and Nicholas Braun to Reunite at PETA Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

‘Succession’ Stars James Cromwell and Nicholas Braun to Reunite at PETA Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

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“Succession” co-stars James Cromwell and Nicholas Braun will reunite on Saturday, Jan. 6, at the grand opening of PETA’s Los Angeles event space, the James Cromwell Empathy Center.

Cromwell is known as an outspoken animal rights activist. He will do the honor of cutting the ribbon at the ceremony, which takes place the same day he is nominated for a Creative Arts Award Emmy.

Cromwell and Braun starred as Uncle Ewan and Cousin Greg, respectively, on HBO’s “Succession,” which ended with a bang in 2023 with its fourth and final season. Their characters have a contentious relationship onscreen, as Cousin Greg longs to fit in with the Roy family and Uncle Ewan looks down upon him, threatening to pull his inheritance.

“There is no successor to James Cromwell — he is the king of activism for animals and others,” said Lisa Lange, senior vice president of PETA, in a statement. “Animals have a fierce and lifelong ally in James, and PETA is happy to honor him by naming a building after him for his relentless advocacy for all animals threatened with exploitation, torment, and slaughter.”

Cromwell is an honorary board director at PETA. He has participated in multiple protests for animal rights, including locking himself in a shipping crate to help persuade Air France to stop shipments of monkeys to laboratories. He was also arrested at a protest during a board of regents meeting for Texas A&M University in his effort to help shut down the school’s canine muscular dystrophy laboratory. Cromwell has also protested the surcharge on vegan milk at Starbucks by gluing his hand to a counter at a New York location.

Like Cromwell, Uncle Ewan is passionate about social causes, ultimately deciding to donate Cousin Greg’s inheritance to Greenpeace.

Cromwell’s friend and fellow actor Ed Begley, Jr. will also speak at the Jan. 6 ceremony.


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