Korean Action Drama ‘A Shop For Killers’ Becomes Most Viewed Local Original on Disney+ Asia Pacific – FilMart Bulletin


Korean action drama “A Shop For Killers” has become the most viewed local original on Disney+ in the Asia Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines) so far in 2024, the streamer has revealed.

Set in contemporary Korea, the eight-part series follows college student Jeong Jian who dives for cover in her childhood home after a series of highly skilled assassins come after her. Fighting to survive, Jian begins to remember invaluable lessons her uncle taught her before his apparent suicide, drawing on them to help her stay alive. Jian now has to uncover her uncle’s hidden past and figure out why so many people are desperate to gain access to her house and the extensive arsenal hidden inside.

The cast includes Lee Dongwook (“Guardian: The Lonely”) and Kim Hyejun (“Connect”). “A Shop For Killers” is based on the popular novel by Kang Jiyoung, written by Ji Hojin and Lee Kwon, and directed by Lee Kwon (“Door Lock”).


After Astro series “Murder By Moonlight” (2022) and Viu Indonesia shows “Cerita Tentang Percaya” (2022) and “Pesan Dari Hati” (2023), Malaysia’s Iron Hill Media is releasing its first film, “Geng Kubur.” Directed and written by Gavin Yap, “Geng Kubur” aims to be a fresh take on the horror genre by intertwining elements of coming-of-age drama with supernatural suspense. Inspired by real-life experiences, the film follows a group of teenage misfits who venture into a haunted forest, confronting their deepest fears and uncovering hidden truths about themselves along the way.

The cast includes Firdaus Sufiyan, Lion Chong, Sasidaran and Mia Sara Shauki and the film is executive produced by Michael Chen, CEO and Co-founder of Iron Hill Media. The film will release nationwide in Malaysia on April 25, with Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam to follow.


The Osaka Asian Film Festival has revealed its 2024 winners.

Grand Prix (Best Picture Award)
“City of Wind”|France, Mongolia. Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Qatar|Director: Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir
Most Promising Talent Award
Lien Chien Hung|Taiwan|”Salli” Director
ABC TV Award
“Salli”|Taiwan, France|Director: Lien Chien Hung
Yakushi Pearl Award
Chi Yun|Australia, China|”Unborn Soul” Actor
Japan Cuts Award
“Performing Kaoru’s Funeral”|Japan, Spain, Singapore|Director: Yuasa Noriko
Japan Cuts Award Special Mention
“Blue Imagine”|Japan, Phillippines, Singapore|Director: Matsubayashi Urara
Housen Short Film Award
“Sojourn to Shangri-la”|China|Director: Lin Yihan
Housen Short Film Award Special Mention
“On a Boat”|Japan|Director: Heso
“Sweet Lime”|Hong Kong, U.K.|Director: Fatema Abdoolcarim
Audience Award
“Amalock”|Japan|Director: Nakamura Kazuhiro


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