Kieran Culkin Calls ‘Succession’ Spinoff a ‘Horrible Idea’ But Says One About Cousin Greg Could Work

Kieran Culkin Calls ‘Succession’ Spinoff a ‘Horrible Idea’ But Says One About Cousin Greg Could Work

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Kieran Culkin told Variety a “Succession” spinoff would be a “horrible idea” when asked about it on the Golden Globes red carpet Sunday afternoon.

Variety’s Marc Malkin then asked Culkin to explain his reasoning, which he responded to by saying, “Remember ‘Frasier?’ Yeah, we all loved ‘Frasier,’ but not every show can be ‘Frasier.’” (“Frasier” was a spinoff of hit series “Cheers.”)

He then said a spinoff based on the Cousin Greg character (Nicholas Braun) would make a good show and that Roman could make occasional appearances: “For like — entrance applause? Would that work in a show like this? That’s why I would do it.”

Culkin is nominated for best performance by an actor in a drama television series for the fourth and final season of “Succession.” He received nominations in the supporting actor category for the previous three seasons of the series. This marks his fifth Golden Globes nomination overall, also earning one in 2003 for best actor in a musical or comedy for “Igby Goes Down.”

“Succession” earned a leading nine nominations, including best TV drama. Culkin’s co-stars Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong are nominated alongside him in the best actor category. Though Cox and Strong have previously campaigned for and been nominated in lead actor awards categories, Culkin explained to Variety why he made the shift from the supporting to lead category for this year’s Emmys.

“If you’re asking if he’s a lead character, then I would say absolutely,” Culkin said during an episode of the Variety Awards Circuit Podcast. “I think this season was set up before episode three happened as Logan versus Shiv, Roman, Kendall. And then [Logan] passes, and it’s what I think the central focus of the show is — the three of them.”


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