Top Five Casino-Inspired Movies

Top Five Casino-Inspired Movies


We all love a smart and confident protagonist, one who’s not afraid to go against the world or take mind-blowing risks. That’s why there has been a rise in the release of casino-inspired movies in the past decades because nothing conveys risk more than a man whose life is at stake on a poker table or an agent who has to win a game to save the lives of millions. This article will be sharing our top five casino-inspired movies in history.

5 Movies Inspired By Casinos

Over the years, Hollywood and other top film industries worldwide have written and produced several films that mirror the activities in a casino for the big screens. While most of these movies are set in real life or fictional glamorous casinos from around the world, you don’t have to visit a physical gambling house to also partake in these games and win. Today, you can engage in the excitement of playing at online casinos right from the comfort of your home with the best bonus offers, found at Our top picks of the movies are listed below.

Casino Royale

In Casino Royale, James Bond has to face off against criminal banker Le Chiffre in a Texas Hold’em poker game with $10 million at the fictional La Casino Royale in Montenegro. Le Chiffre is in dire need of a win after a wrong business move saw him lose a huge amount of one of his terrorist clients. Bond, on the other hand, plans to win the game and completely bankrupt Le Chiffre with the hope that the defeat would force him to seek asylum with the British government in exchange for important information about his many clients.

Casino Royale has been praised as a true cinema classic and is widely considered one of the greatest movies in the franchise. It’s almost too good to be true, much like casinos where you can get $100 free chip casino bonus. It earned a whopping C$616 million in its theatrical run, making it the highest-grossing James Bond movie at the time of its release.


Maverick is one of the many Richard Donner and Mel Gibson films, and while it might not be as famous as other of their works together, it’s definitely one of their best. The 1994 comedy features Bret Maverick, played by Gibson, as a poker player and conman who wants to participate in a significant poker tournament but only has $22,000 of the 25,000 required for the buy-in.

With the help of fellow con artist Annie Bransford, played by Jodie Foster, and lawman Marshal Zane Cooper, played by James Garner, Maverick finds creative ways to complete the entry fee, joins the $500,000 tournament, and finally proves to the world that he’s the best card alive. The movie is inspired by the 50s series of the same name, which featured James Garner as the title character. Here are some of the other Donner and Gibson classics:

  • Lethal Weapon 1-5;
  • Edge of Darkness;
  • Conspiracy Theory.

Ocean’s Eleven

Like with James Bond, the Oceans franchise initially debuted decades ago but came back with a blockbuster reboot that outclassed the first installments in many ways. In the 2001 classic, genius Danny Ocean played by George Clooney together with his long-term partner Rusty Rian, played by Brad Pitt recruits stars to help in a plan to rob not one but three Las Vegas casinos at the same time. The casinos are being run by Danny’s nemesis, Terry Benedict, who’s also married to his ex-wife, Tess Ocean, played by Julia Roberts.

The star-studded blockbuster is a staple in the casino industry due to its portrayal of various gambling activities and the fact that it was filmed in three actual real-life casinos:

  • The Mirage;
  • The MGM Grand;
  • The Bellagio.


Seeing Martin Scorsese’s name on a Hollywood flick is already a sign of something great, but with 1995 Casino, the legendary filmmaker actually outdid himself. The movie features Robert De Niro as a calm-headed gangster who’s been tasked with running one the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, the Tangiers. He plans to do things the right and legal way but has to try and keep his reckless friend and super-ambitious wife, played by Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone, under control.

If you’ve ever wanted a movie that accurately portrays the intricacies of the Las Vegas casino scene, this Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece is precisely what you need. The movie details how the key players stole from the casinos and chronicled their rise and fall.

Casino is based on a true story that was adapted from the 1995 Nicholas Pileggi book of the same name. It grossed over C$100 million at the worldwide box office and earned Sharon Stone an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.


The 1998 Clive Owen thriller shows the dark sides of casino gambling through the eyes of a croupier. A struggling writer, Jack, who’s desperate for any source of income, decides to go against his judgment and accept a job as a croupier in a famous casino. From there on, the movie uses well-interwoven plot lines to follow Jack’s moral, legal, and relationship struggles.

The Conman

Also known as “Knight of Gamblers,” The Conman is a 1998 film directed by Wong Jing. The story revolves around the protagonist, King, who serves a five-year sentence for a self-defence killing during a card game. While in prison, King acquires horse racing skills that he employs on the streets upon his release. The fast-paced movie features notable actors like Alex Man, Kelly Lin, and Meggie Yu. If you appreciate an Asian vibe, you will also fall in love with the Thai Flower slot.

Box Office Runs of Our Selected Casino Films

Aside from their cultural impact, these movies have also found commercial success at the domestic and global box office. For an extra dose of excitement, follow the link to explore a variety of options and indulge in the thrilling experience of playing free slot games. Here’s a table showing the amount of money these casino-inspired flicks accumulated in their theatrical runs.

Movie Title Box Office
Casino Royale C$616 million
Ocean’s Eleven C$450.7 million
Maverick C$183 million
Casino C$116.1 million
Croupier C$7.075 million
The Conman C$3.004 million

The Bottom Line

Over the years, casinos and cinema have proven to be a partnership that only yields classic all-timers, movies that have maintained their quality through several generations. These movies not only show us the flashy and glamorous life of the casino but also tell us about the dark sides of that kind of life. In this article, we have compiled our list based on how well casinos are connected to the plot of these movies, their originality, acting performances, and also their popularity and success.


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