Influence of poker in tv and movies

Influence of poker in tv and movies


The entertainment industry is a melting pot of various influences, with a huge variety of TV shows and movies that have different themes. Interestingly, casino games such as poker have made their way into TV shows and movies as many people regard it to be a fun thrill which makes a storyline even more exciting. As poker is cementing more of a presence for itself in TV shows and movies, it is worth looking at the influence that it has had on multimedia.

Firstly, the main reason why poker is featured in TV shows and movies is because it is played by people all over the world. One film that has paved the way for others when it comes to involving the idea of poker in films is ‘Casino’. With a star cast including Robert De Niro, it follows the story of a gangster who partners up with an old friend in a bid to run a casino. Not only does this film showcase the game of poker and how it is played, but it also achieves success in offering viewers a glimpse into the Vegas gambling scene and the culture around the game of poker. As a box office hit, this film became an international success as was so successful that it actually encouraged people to learn how to play poker.

Furthermore, one of the most defining movie franchises of all time is those based on James Bond. Therefore, it is no surprise that ‘Casino Royale’ released in 2005 has played a role in popularizing the game of poker. With Daniel Craig debuting as the secret agent, the film features a poker game alongside themes of danger, excitement and suspense. In this film, poker is not just an added element in the plot, but actually becomes a crucial part of the storyline as James Bond regards gambling to be a key part of his life and character. Although casino games are mentioned throughout the James Bond series, it is in this film that we see how the poker game is the perfect set piece for him.

Moreover, as poker is being played by many people all over the world, movies are also beginning to weave realistic themes into the plot. For example, ‘Molly’s Game’ released in 2017 is based on the real-life story of Molly Bloom who found herself involved in high-stakes poker games. This film explores the idea of the underbelly of casino games as well as navigating the lavish world of celebrities and their interest in gambling games.

In addition, poker is also a running theme in various TV shows. For example, The World Series of Poker is anannual poker tournement and has been on TV from the 1970s. Not only does this TV show allow viewers to brush up on their own knowledge, but it has had a huge influence on making poker a mainstream sport. Furthermore, Poker After Dark is an evening-night TV show shows some of the greatest poker players in the world competing in high-stakes money games. This TV show is the perfect watch for those advanced poker players who want to see experts play the game as well as those who are new to the realm of poker and want to improve their strategy and skill. For those who want an insight into the thrilling aspects of poker, High Stakes Poker is a TV show that showcases world class poker players involved in high-stakes games. Along with popularizing poker, this TV show also offers incredible entertainment with running commentary.

Of course, it is not just TV shows and films that have been influenced by poker. In fact, the music industry has also experienced a revolution as plenty of top artists refer to poker in their repertoire. For example, Kenny Rogers song ‘The Gambler’, Elvis Presley’s ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’. Many music videos are also set in casinos which has also heightened the theme of poker. As a result, many people who have not previously been interested in casino related activities have become familiar with casino related terminology.

Ultimately, poker has impacted the world of TV and cinema in many unique ways. From iconic movies such as ‘Casino’ and ‘Casino Royale’ to TV shows such as ‘Poker After Dark’ and ‘High Stakes Poker’, it is clear to see how poker stretches beyond Hollywood and can be played by people all over the world. In the future, as more people become interested in watching TV shows and movies, it is likely that poker will play an even bigger role when it comes to popular culture. Whether you have never played poker before or have an interest in learning about it, you should be able to see more representation of the beloved game in the coming years.


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