How the Latest Game Shows Are Changing What We Think of This Genre

Game shows have been capturing our attention for decades, with some of the most popular now ranking among the longest-running series in television history. Yet, some of the latest releases have started to change how we think about game shows. 

Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit to Hit Our Screens

The CW Network has decided to rely on some old favorites to try and bring them success in 2024. Trivial Pursuit was created in the early 1980s and had sold more than 100 million units by 2014. The game show based on it will take place on a giant board with huge wedges as playing pieces. Scrabble has an even longer history, dating back to 1938. The CW version of Scrabble is said to be fast-paced and also uses a giant board.

While the hosts for these new shows are yet to be confirmed, the network is hoping that the enduring popularity of the classic games will encourage viewers to tune in. Similar themes can be seen in the Betfair live casino, where a selection of game shows sit alongside more traditional casino games. Snakes and Ladders Live and Deal or No Deal Live are both based on massively popular games given a new twist. The live presenter or dealer adds a human touch and makes these games closer to what we expect from a TV game show but with a gambling element added.

007: Road to a Million Takes a James Bond Twist

Scottish actor Brian Cox pointed out on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that he thought he was about to be cast as a James Bond villain when he was offered a role on 007: Road to a Million. However, it turned out to be the chance to host a new game show with an intriguing concept. 

This Amazon Prime show takes a Bond theme and Cox plays the role of The Controller, who is the mastermind that sends contestants on 007-styled quests. Nine teams compete in the spy-themed show, with each made up of two people. Reviewers were starkly divided in their opinions of the show, but it was green-lit for a second season before the first one had even been aired.

Squid Game: The Challenge Turns a TV Hit into a Real Game Show 

The massive success of Squid Game on Netflix gave us a new way of looking at game shows, as it featured a group of players taking part in life-threatening challenges. Many fans were initially skeptical when a real-life game based on Squid Game was announced by the streaming giant, but it turned out to be a success and followed the original to the top of the Netflix charts for a period as players competed for the biggest prize in reality show history.

These shows may lead to interesting new trends in the game show industry. There’s no sign of the popularity of this format slowing down and show creators are increasingly looking in new directions to keep us entertained.


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