The Best Gifts for Kids: From Bluey Camp to Tiny Book Projectors

The Best Gifts for Kids: From Bluey Camp to Tiny Book Projectors

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Finding the perfect gift for any kid is always a struggle — who has the time to keep on top of the latest trends and coolest gadgets for the little ones? Turns out, we do. Let us guide you through the must-have toys for kids of all ages. From Kindles to Bluey merch, this is the must-have gifts for kids.

Bluey Camp

The hottest ticket in Los Angeles right now is a spot at the Camp store’s exclusive Bluey Immersive Experience. At this ticketed event fans can enter the real-life house of the lovable Heeler family, a foursome of Australian Blue Heelers who go by the names of Mom, Dad, Bingo and the titular Bluey. This delightful Brisbane-made cartoon has a hold on the children of the world, and that’s a good thing because most of the episodes revolve around cheerful lessons about being a good person (but without being overtly preachy). But if you can’t get to L.A. to see the Heelers IRL, you can always pick up one of the several Bluey merch moments happening right now. Start with the Vtech keytar, the keepie uppie board game, the ultra trendy and very soft Bluey squishmallow (pictured above) and (my personal favorite) the Hammerbarn Shopping play set that recreated the entire home goods store.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Card Game (40% Off)

With over 46,000 reviews on Amazon, this highly recommended card game is great for ages 4 and up. It’s a basic slap (not hands, just your pile) card game where you match the taco, cat, goat, cheese or pizza but there are a few wild cards (like a narwhal) that will throw everyone off. It’s easy to play anywhere and can fill hours of time.

Kid-Sized Arcade Game (40% Off)

Re-create an arcade, right in your kid’s bedroom. This pint-sized arcade game brings the joys of mashing buttons into your home. This tiny version of Pac-Man (complete with a matching stool) is geared toward a younger crowd but the company, Arcade1Up, also makes full-sized cabinets for everyone (also on sale).

Wagonfold Wagons (25% Off)

No one in the history of the world has ever said, “Now that’s a great-looking wagon” — and then there was Wonderfold. Let your kid ride in style (up to four of them!) in this absolutely devastatingly handsome wagon that elegantly folds up into a little accordion you can store just about anywhere.

Little Tikes Story Dream Machine (47% Off)

If you see the Little Tikes projector for sale, spring into action. This is THE toy of 2023 for little kids. Made for ages 3 and up (although a 2-year-old would probably be into it as well) the dream machine projects the classic stories from “little golden books” onto the wall and narrates each page. But you’re not limited to the Golden Book collection — once you get the main set you can buy other books to read including the “The Berenstain Bears” stories and more. It’s completely charming and almost always sold out so act fast if you see it available.

The Nugget

The Nugget: a couch, tent, fort or mountain that your kids can build and destroy over and over and over again. Available in just about any color (purple, green, grey, brown, yellow, beige, pink, and all shades of blue) this soft kid couch will tire out even the most active littles.

Segway Ninebot KickScooter (17% Off)

An electric scooter with a 350W motor, this little guy can go up to 18 mph for up to 25 miles with a max load of 225 lbs. Now on sale for Black Friday the Kickscooter is 35% off for the holiday weekend.

Barbie Dream Home (34% Off)

The Barbie dream home for littles. This Mattel brand for younger kids (ages 18 months and up) is burning up Amazon on Black Friday. 3,000 toys were sold last month just on Amazon, making this toddler-friendly Barbie house one of the hottest toys this holiday season. With over 45 songs and sounds activated by a simple push of a button, this interactive toy includes a slide into the pool, an elevator and two toy Barbies.

Ravensburger Harry Potter Strike Game (23% Off)

Potterheads rejoice! This addicting board game is kid-friendly but also makes for a fantastical board game that anyone in the family can play. Players can immerse themselves in the Wizarding World in sorcerous duels: Each roll of the dice comes with its own sorcerous spell that any Harry Potter fan will recognize, such as Confundus Charms, Revulsion Jinxes, Disarming Charms and dozens of others. Harry Potter fans might also enjoy something from this Wizarding World-inspired gift guide.

MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials (20% Off)

Whether your kid enjoys a vocation as a personal sous-chef in the kitchen, or simply dreams of cooking a meal for the infamous Gordon Ramsay in “Master Chef,” this comprehensive cooking kit makes for the perfect gift for any little chefs in training. The nine-piece set is designed with officially licensed “Master Chef” branding for a realistic reality TV experience, with safe and kid-friendly tools such as a cutting board, mixing bowl, measuring bowls and spoons and spatulas. Of course, if you have more veteran chefs in the household you can always find something in our roundup of “Top-Chef”-inspired Gifts.

Kindle Paperwhite Kids

The Kindle Kid’s edition has been a best-selling favorite among parents since it came out earlier this year, and now can make the perfect gift for any kid who dives into their imagination through dense mystery and fantasy novels. The tablet, which is currently 17% off for Black Friday, is geared towards reading books only, with no distracting games ads or videos. Plus, it comes with more than a year of Amazon Kids+, a kid-friendy cover and two-year guarantee that would normally be valued at $99.

Echo Glow

A nightlight, speaker and alarm clock: the Echo Glow does it all, and makes for a fun addition to any kid’s bedroom or playroom. The multicolor smart lamp is designed for kids, with the entire family in mind: it comes with lighting cues that help to count down towards dinner or reading times, and gives kids the freedom to choose their own color landscapes and other Alexa-controlled options.

Lego Star Wars:  Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder (30% Off)

The collector’s edition landspeeder is for the Star Wars connoisseur. For the kid that has seen the new Star Wars films and prefers the simpler days on Tatooine. Check out more impressive Lego Sets to gift this year here. Not for young children, this model-building kit has 75,341 pieces and includes Luke and C-3PO minifigures.


Fire HD Kids Tablet (50% Off)

The Fire HD tablet is a great option for younger readers who aren’t quite ready for the denser reading options on the Kindle. Not only is it packed in a kid-proof case with a wide range of vibrant colors, but it also comes with a free year of Amazon Kids+, for access to thousands of apps, games, books and videos that are both entertaining and educational. Helpful parental controls can help parents set educational goals and create time limits, but it also comes with channels such as Nickelodeon and PBS kids, and even Netflix and Minecraft, to serve as an immersive toy for long car rides or plane trips.

Mudpuppy Travel Games

If you have a family you know that will be traveling over the holidays, why not give them the gift of a chill ride? We have personally tested the Mudpuppy travel sets and can attest, they work! Their magnet sets can fill loads of time in the back seat or on a plane dressing up their various characters for all kinds of settings. Think of it as a magnetic paper doll kit. Big favorites included and space bingo.

Kano The Star Wars The Force Coding Kit

Introduce your kid to the world of coding with this fun “Star Wars”-themed coding toy from the award-winning STEM company Kano. Players can swing lightsabers, force push Stormtroopers and pilot X-wings, all while building a code-created sensor that serves as a portal to the intergalactic world. In addition to playing with force powers, kids can also code beats to music and build out their own storylines as characters such as BB-8, Yoda and the Falcon.

Concert Ukulele for Kids

Guitar Hero has nothing on this real-life concert ukulele, made specifically for kids and beginners looking for an easy way to learn chords and jam with friends. What makes this ukulele special is its intelligent teaching technology, which connects to an app for free learning and guidance, and is equipped with 72 LED lights on the fret board to indicate chord positions.


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