Every Show Canceled by Netflix in 2023

Every Show Canceled by Netflix in 2023

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Netflix has garnered a reputation for canceling a large number of its original series, a superlative that seems inevitable given its high content output compared to other streaming services. And while the stat has lessened since 2022, when 20 shows were canceled, there were still 14 on the chopping block in 2023.

Five of the 14 shows Netflix canceled this year were animated, unsurprising given the shakeup and job cuts that came to the company’s animation this fall. Three were live-action young adult titles, while another was a reality series with young adult contestants.

One of the biggest factors used to determine whether a series will be renewed — on any platform — is viewership. Netflix has released a weekly Top 10 chart since late 2021 to help people understand how their favorite titles are performing, but made some significant changes to its measurement and transparency tactics this year. The ranking used to be determined based on the number of hours each title was watched, but in June, Netflix adjusted its charts to rank based on “views,” calculated by dividing viewing hours by runtime. This way, a series wouldn’t gain a competitive edge by having a longer runtime alone. Additionally, in December, Netflix announced that it would begin releasing biannual engagement reports detailing how many hours each title on the service was viewed, beginning with a six-month period from January to June.

From “Shadow and Bone” to “Sex/Life,” these are the series Netflix canceled in 2023, along with data about their viewership when available.


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