Every Kitchenware Item We Spotted in This Taylor Swift-Jack Antonoff Photo: From a Copper Pot Set to a Le Creuset Teakettle

Every Kitchenware Item We Spotted in This Taylor Swift-Jack Antonoff Photo: From a Copper Pot Set to a Le Creuset Teakettle

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The thing about Swifties is that they’re going to spot, identify, analyze and — if their bank account allows it –buy anything that Taylor Swift has ever worn, used, taken a photo with or talked about.

So, when Jack Antonoff posted a photo of Swift in his kitchen, in honor of their “From the Vault” track “You’re Losing Me” finally becoming available to stream this week, fans were quick to identify every luxury kitchenware item on display behind her.

Of course, like every photo of Swift that circulates the internet, the most obsessive (ahem, observational) of fans noticed that the bottle of wine behind her is called Gaslighter Rosé. “It’s only about $20, $30… I don’t think she’s drinking it because she likes it, I think she’s trying to prove a point,” one viral TikToker said.

Others pointed out that “You’re Losing Me” was written “at home on 12/5/21 right after Taylor ate these raisins,” as Antonoff wrote in his Instagram story, meaning that Joe Alwyn and Swift were seemingly already on the rocks at this point despite not being publicly broken up.

However, aside from the Easter Eggs (and Rosé, which has since sold out on dozens of retailers since Antonoff’s post), commenters were much more interested in the gorgeous kitchenware items pictured behind her.

“Must know where she got the kettle,” one user commented, while others stated that they “were in love with the copper pots.”

Below, check out every kitchenware piece we spotted in Antonoff’s kitchen, and where you can get your own:

Mauviel Copper 12-Piece Cookware Set (39% Off)

This stunning cookware set is practically begging to be noticed in Antonoff’s shot, sparkling in the corner of his newly renovated kitchen. The 12-piece set is from the French cookware company Mauviel and features ideal pieces for a wide variety of culinary techniques. It includes a 10″ fry pan, 12″ fry pan, 2-qt. saucepan with lid, 3 1/2-qt. saucepan with lid, 3-qt. sauté pan with lid, 5 1/2-qt. stewpan with lid, 6 3/4-qt. oval cocotte with lid — all made from 1.5mm-gauge copper for superior heat conductivity and temperature control.

Le Creuset Classic Demi Teakettle

It’s no surprise that Antonoff owns a Le Creuset kettle, one of the best water boiling vessels on the market. The classic kettle is in a stunning Marseille Blue hue. The kettle doesn’t corrode with time and conducts heat efficiently and evenly, boiling water quickly.

Splatterware Mug and Dinnerware Set

In the top left corner of the candid photo, one can spot a a unique speckle-designed dinnerware set. It’s of a specific taste but considering how often Swift collaborates with Antonoff in his home, it’s more likely than not that she’s used at least one of these uniquely designed ceramic bowls or mugs. And that’s reason enough for most Swifties to “add to cart.”

Gaslighter Rosé

Gaslighter Rosé, which sits on the counter behind Swift in this photo, is not only hypothesized to be her subtly throwing shade at her ex but it’s also the brainchild of another popular female artist, The Chicks (formerly The Dixie Chicks). The country brand released their own line of Rosé in 2020, named after their 2020 hit single “Gaslighter.”

Rachel Antonoff Rainbow Cookie Sweater

In the photo, Swift is also repping Antonoff’s sister Rachel Antonoff by wearing a cozy and luxe sweater by the designer. While the specific sweater Swift is wearing, designed with a colorful rainbow cookie, is out of stock, there are a variety of similar Rachel Antonoff pieces like this adorable alpaca-printed sweater (currently 60% off) and this green mock neck sweater (currently 25% off).


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