Top 10 US-Only Netflix Shows & How to Watch Them?

Top 10 US-Only Netflix Shows & How to Watch Them?


Netflix offers a world of entertainment options for the viewer. However, they vary based on your country. It means you cannot view certain shows if you aren’t from the same location. Among the various regions, Netflix shows in the US are the most sought-after. Their brilliant storyline and plot are truly remarkable. Unfortunately, you cannot watch US-only Netflix shows if you are in the UK, France, or any other location.

In this post, we’ll give you a list of the 10 best shows available on Netflix only in the US and how to stream them.

1.   Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

This is a US documentary series that explores the cult of the Church of Scientology. It investigates it through the personal experiences of the protagonist and other church members. This show has won 2 Emmy Award nominations and won 1 of them.

2.   Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is easily one of the most-awaited US-only Netflix shows. It explores the investigation of a brutal murder. The investigation is done by Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan, the FBI special agent. It is believed that this show was inspired by a 1908 murder. You will love the haunting atmosphere of the drama. The whole process of solving the mystery is deeply immersive.

3.   Stargate SG-1

The IMDb score of Stargate SG-1 is 8.4. It’s a 10-season series that stars Richard Dean Anderson. The story starts at a time when the US government finds out that an ancient alien device can access devices on various planets. This device is called the Stargate. The military-science expedition team attempting to use this ancient device is remarkably portrayed in various seasons.

4.   Criminal Minds

Are you looking for US-only Netflix shows pertaining to crime drama? Criminal Minds television series, produced by Jeff Davis, will surely appeal to you. All its 15 seasons are available on Netflix in the US. The series follows various criminal profilers who work for the FBI. They are the members of its BAU or Behavioural Analysis Unit.

These profilers use behavioral analysis to investigate crimes. This series perfectly captures the immoral behavior of different types of criminals and their psychology.

5.   Last Tango in Halifax

This is a British dramedy revolving around two widowers. Alan and Celia are in their 70s. Their grandsons create social media profiles for them. The drama showcases how these two widowers discover feelings for each other, just like they used to during their teenage years.

The different seasons of this series explore various sub-themes. But the most important thing it captures is celebrating love at any age.

6.   Jericho Series

This is one of the deeply touching US-only Netflix shows that narrates the story of a town. It has people wanting to start life again. Jericho is a small town in the Yorkshire Dales of the 1870s. It has a viaduct being built, and this event leads the people of this town to come together and fend for themselves. This show has a 7.9 IMDb score. So, you are sure to have a great time watching it.

7.   The Borgias TV Series

This TV series narrates the story of The Borgias, an infamous crime family. Rodrigo Borgia became Pope Alexander VI and had an important position within the Catholic Church. This powerful position makes him the enemy of many.

His enemies reside in both the Church as well as the state. You’ll be addicted to how he uses all his diplomatic abilities, charm, and position to stay alive and exercise control.

8.   Ripper Street TV Series

One of the top-rated US-only Netflix shows Ripper Street, shows the attempt to maintain law in a place terrorized by Jack the Ripper. Inspector Edmund Reid and his team try to maintain order in this place. The mystery drama TV series has a great cast consisting of Jerome Flynn, Matthew Macfadyen, and Adam Rothenberg. You will love watching each moment of this drama on Netflix.

9.   Manhunt: Deadly Games

This show is based on a true story. It gives you an in-depth glimpse into the process of tracking down a bomber, Ted Kaczynski. All the series have a crisp and absorbing storyline. If you want to explore the crime genre deeply, Manhunt is a must-watch series.

10. Person of Interest

This action and drama series is about how an ex-CIA agent and a programmer save lives through a surveillance AI. This AI lets them discover the people who are a part of impending crimes. But the exact details of those crimes and the role of those people are nothing but mystery. It is a great series with an 8.4 score on IMDb.

How to Stream US-Only Netflix Shows in Your Location?

Are you excited to watch these thrilling Netflix shows? It doesn’t matter if you are in the US or not; you can stream them on any device like Firestick, Windows, Apple TV, and many more. All you need is to install a trustworthy VPN like Surfshark. This easy-to-use VPN lets you access Netflix content from the US and anywhere else in the world.

You can install Surfshark on Firestick through its native application for the device. After installation, configure Surfshark on Firestick to customize your VPN experience. The VPN’s settings page gives you the option to extend your plan or change accounts. You can also change the language of the application and check the app version. There’s also the option to automatically link to a VPN whenever you launch the app. Thus, you can set up the VPN app in a way that works best for you.

Summing up

Now you know all the top US-only Netflix shows that are all the rage right now. The great thing is that you don’t need to reside in the US to catch the fun of these shows. Use a trustworthy VPN and access all content wherever you are. It not only enhances your streaming experience but also makes it safer and private.


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