The Most Famous Cars From The Movies

The Most Famous Cars From The Movies


When watching the movie, you definitely noticed that it is certain cars that are used by the main characters, whether they are villains or the police.

The fact is that in films there are often cars of one brand, as a rule, more than others. The film studio enters into a contract with the car brand, which stipulates the frequency of showing the car model of this brand.

But not all cars eventually become iconic and recognizable from films. Everything here, of course, depends on the success of the film at the global box office, as well as on the atmosphere of the film. So not many cars have become recognizable from movies. Nevertheless, of course, they are. We have collected for you the most popular cars from famous films. All these cars have become iconic thanks to the films.

1. Gran Torino – Gran Torino Sport

Built in Lorain, Ohio in 1972, the Gran Torino Sport was one of 92,033 models produced by Ford that year. The Sport version was special thanks to the head on the hood. The car was equipped with a rare Ram Air Induction kit.

The sports car was equipped with an engine with a low compression ratio of 8.5:1 to increase fuel economy. This led to a decrease in the reliability of the power unit and problems with its cooling. 

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2. Casino Royale – DBS V12

The only car that has starred in two James Bond films is the Aston Martin V12 DBS. For the first time, you could see this car in the movie “Casino Royale” in 2006. Recall that in this film, we first saw actor Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond.

Did you know that the DBS model has become a trial version for the company? Ford was the parent company for Aston Martin at the time. But in early 2007, Ford sold 90% of the shares to Aston Martin. After the sale of the company in 2007, the Aston Martin V12 DBS model was released only in a limited edition. In 2008, the Aston Martin V12 DBS returned to the screen in the film “Quantum of Mercy” (the next series about James Bond). 

3. “Batman. The Beginning” – Batmobile

The Batman production designer once described Batman’s car as a hybrid between a Lamborghini and a tank. In the movie “Batman. The beginning” we saw a new, unusual Batmobile capable of jumping into the air. Six cars were built for the film: two full–size versions for extraterritorial shooting, others with a hydraulic system for jumping. Also, one car was equipped with missiles. 

The cars were equipped with special steering, which allowed sharp turns in urban conditions. Due to the poor visibility inside the car, the stuntmen practiced driving this unusual Batmobile for about 6 months to prepare for filming. And only after sufficient practice, the stuntmen were able to go to the streets of Chicago for real filming. To improve visibility, the car was equipped with video cameras that transmitted the picture to the screens inside the cabin. 

4. “Ghostbusters” – Cadillac Miller-Meteor

This Cadillac Miller-Meteor in the movie “Ghostbusters” turned into an ambulance in 1984 for those who are hindered by evil spirits and ghosts. In this modification, only 25 cars were produced.

5. “Dumb and Dumber” – Ford Econoline

This car became famous after participating in the comedy “Dumb and Dumber”, in which Jim Carrey starred. Recall that this van turned into a dog car in the film.

The most famous scene of the film with the participation of a car is an incredible van jump, for which the filmmakers were preparing, as well as launching a satellite into space. For this trick, the Ford Econoline was modified. To prevent the car from tipping over, it was decided to add weight to the rear of it. A special metal frame was installed inside the cabin to strengthen the van body. In particular, the car received multi-point seat belts to ensure the safety of the driver.


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