Hulu vs Netflix: Which streaming service is best for you?

Hulu vs Netflix: Which streaming service is best for you?


To the modern-day consumer, streaming services have now become a staple. While Netflix has dominated the streaming market for a great while now, so exponential has been the growth of the sector that it’s facing stiff competition these days. Hulu, the American subscription streaming service, is the latest competitor hoping to emulate Netflix and capture a chunk of its customer base. But out of the two, which platform is best for you and your viewing needs?

New and Improved Entertainment Options

At the time of writing, Netflix is the top subscription-based streaming service with over 247.15 million paid subscribers worldwide. As we’ve seen in other sectors, though, there is always room for new and improved entertainment options.

For instance, sports fans are presently dabbling in new fantasy products dedicated to their much-loved teams, gamers are now exploring hybrid versions of slots and bingo called Slingo and classic releases like Tetris Slingo alongside other prominent gaming options, while fresh podcasts are reinventing the wheel, be it in the music sphere with All Songs Considered or in the world of television with The Daily Dish Podcast.

As such, while Netflix is a dominant force in the streaming category, services like Hulu still appeal to people as consumers continually add a plethora of apps to their various devices. For example, some people watch movies on Netflix before ending their binge-watching marathon with a TV show on Hulu. It’s a common occurrence, particularly as certain platforms offer different types of shows and movies that can’t be found anywhere else.

This all comes despite a series of notable price hikes in this particular area, with both Hulu and Disney announcing a price increase, for both the no-ads tier and the ad-sponsored option. Netflix, however, continues to charge more than its competitors.

Key Differences Between Netflix and Hulu

Despite the rising costs of these services, they’re still pulling in viewers. Both Hulu and Netflix also offer something fairly different and have various strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Netflix’s content library is more robust than Hulu’s.

Operating for over 15 years now, the streaming behemoth has managed to share an extensive selection of top productions with its audience in that time. From smash-hit shows like Squid Game, to big-budget movies like Red Notice, the diverse range of productions for subscribers to sample is mightily impressive.

Hulu, on the other hand, may not showcase the same wealth of content but it still boasts some enticing productions. From The Handmaid’s Tale to Tell Me Lies, Hulu houses some must-see shows but doesn’t contain anywhere near the same amount of shows as Netflix does.

Netflix, as a service, also received 26 Emmys last year, beating Hulu’s 10 and highlighting the overall difference in critical reception between both services. Additionally, Netflix has interactive shows and has now even introduced mobile-friendly games, whereas Hulu only really offers TV shows and movies.

Hulu Comes Out on Top on Some Fronts

While it might seem like Netflix is winning this particular battle, Hulu does outdo the American subscription streaming service in some areas. For example, for reality TV lovers, Hulu is the service for you. Additionally, Hulu Live TV contains over 75 channels that showcase a variety of hit shows on some well-known channels like MTV, Discovery, History, and National Geographic. Hulu also offers a fantastic variety of sports to watch thanks to the presence of ESPN+.

While Netflix has a mighty bank of content at its disposal, Hulu offers a variety of TV formats. Your choice of streaming service, then, largely depends on your consumption tastes but both services certainly bring something to the table.


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