Breaking Bad: What are the Best Scenes from the Legendary TV Series?

Breaking Bad: What are the Best Scenes from the Legendary TV Series?


There are a few TV series that could never become old, given the unique storytelling and acting. Without a doubt, one of them is Breaking Bad with its dark plot and breathtaking five seasons. Although it is difficult to separate one or a few favorite scenes, we will do that hard job for you, to remind you of some of the catching moments of the award-winning series.

Walter White was a mastermind, having a job as an ordinary chemistry teacher, who could never earn enough money to satisfy his family’s needs. Everyone in his family knew what is he financially capable of but remember the 9th episode of the 3rd season when his wife offered financial help for Hank Schrader’s treatment after the accident. It was about tens of thousands of dollars and made up a story that Walter won that money from gambling. This scene is beautiful in showing how family members were ready to help each other. On the other hand, it showed the first time that Walter’s wife accepted the money she used to reject for a while.

How realistic the Scene Seems to Be?

Many fans of the TV series might keep wondering whether this lie about Walter being a gambler might really be convincing for others, especially Hank, who was an experienced police officer. Could he earn that much money from gambling? Well, this topic does not have a certain answer. Today, especially after the rise of online gambling platforms, many gaming fans experience playing online casino for real money, and this is not something new. However, even for those who play casino games for money, the main purpose is entertainment and having a fun time with friends or even alone. For Walter’s case, this explanation doesn’t seem convincing, including the reason for who Walter was: A Chemistry teacher who had a simple life and was dedicated to science and his job.

Despite not considering this scene convincing enough, it is still brilliant in the storyline, showing Walter’s escape from the reality in which he succeeded in earning millions of dollars of money.

We are traveling to season 2, episode 2, where Tuco was planning to take Walter and Jesse to Mexico. This episode presents one of the most intense and chaotic scenes and becomes an important part of the rest of the storyline. Walter, as always, tries to experiment with some magic and escape from Tuco’s deadly web, but it is not easy, since the old man is following them and trying to tell Tuco about the upcoming danger.

Yes, we are talking about Hector, portrayed by Mark Margolis, who once was a ruthless criminal. Walter and Jesse succeed in escaping, and Tuco is killed, but Hector remembers Walter’s face and is not ready to forgive them for Tuco’s death. Unless Walter has a better plan for a worse enemy, which brings us to the next scene.

When there are cruel characters in movies and TV series, it feels like they cannot be defeated, and they are shrewd enough to see the coming danger from miles away. Gus was one of these characters, who was not only smart and manipulative but also very vigilant.

With the help of Hector, Walter succeeds in making a trap for Gus and killing him. Most of us used to think that it was impossible, Gus would stay till the end of the show and would be one of the central characters to bring Walter White down. But life is full of surprises, and so is this TV series.

Jesse Pinkman is a young adult who doesn’t appreciate life and lives for the present day only. His ups and downs are so much in series, that sometimes it even seems annoying how someone could lose everything over and over again, including his own family. However, the episode when his parents ask him to leave the home and never get back causes a lot of sympathy among the audience towards Jesse.

One of the uplifting episodes is in the 3rd season, when Jesse’s parents sell the house for $400.000, without having an idea that the buyer would be their son. The encounter with Jesse as a new owner is crushing, and maybe one of the very few episodes, when Jesse wins and controls the situation around him.

Breaking Bad is full of suspicious scenes and exciting moments, and everyone has their faorite episodes and scenes. What we mentioned here, was only a few of many such scenes. After reading this, just go back and rewatch your favorite parts, since the series is still on Netflix.


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